Grading Spaces - Home Inspection and Performance Analysis

Home Performance and Home Inspection by Grading Spaces

Grading Spaces is owned by me, Mark Furst, a 20 year veteran of the construction, inspection and building maintenance industries.

My goal is to provide home owners in southern Wisconsin with the very best overall knowledge of the structure and systems in their home in a way that is both accurate and easy to understand.

A typical energy evaluation or home inspection takes between two to four hours depending on the size, age and conditon of the house in question. I will look carefully at all areas of the house from the roof down to the crawl-space or basement, as long as they are readily and safely accessible. At the end of the inspection I will review with you the findings that I will put in the final report which is available to you in three formats; printed, on CD or via email. The report itself is compiled by computer and includes digital photos to help highlight and clarify any problem areas.

  • A computer is used to help compile and organize the information.
  • Each home is different, both in style and also in the types of defects it has, so my report needs to be flexible enough to accomodate this.
  • The software I use allows me to customize my comments as needed to create a truly unique report for the home being inspected.
  • A typical report is between 40 to 50 pages but I also give you a summary report that does not have the pictures or in depth explanations. I can print a copy of this for your agent so he or she can be aware of the findings also.
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